Cafes & Bakeries

Savannah Coffee Roasters – One of Savannah’s best cups of coffee, and supplied for your enjoyment at Houston House…they have many different and original coffee drinks here. This isn’t Starbucks! And the bakery, breakfast and lunch items are actually fresh and tasty. Located at 215 W. Liberty St. at Barnard St.


Foxy Loxy – is one of Savannah’s most beloved coffee joints. The eclectic house-turned-café is divided into distinct areas: the main room and upstairs, where there’s a balcony and some incredibly comfortable rocking chairs. There’s also the enclosed patio outside, where you can sit ‘round a picnic table or on wrought iron chairs and enjoy the Savannah weather.

Foxy’s drinks include at least two blends of black coffee, the Foxy or a single origin blend from anywhere in the world, refreshing cold brews for that summer heat and, our favorite, the horchata latte, iced or hot, it doesn’t matter. Need something to go with your coffee? The kolaches are just the thing, be sure to see which they’ve got available that day.


Leopold’s Ice Cream – best ice cream in the entire Southeast. There is often a long line to be served, but it moves pretty quickly. Very limited inside seating. Naturally, it is busier on the weekends and in the evenings. Do not miss it. Spectacular versions of Mint Chocolate Chip, Rum Raisin, Mocha Chocolate Chip, Chocolate and Lemon Custard.


Marché de Macarons – 42 Abercorn. Some of the best macarons you will find outside Paris! They are delicious and perfectly done! And while you’re walking there, take in the beautifully restored exterior of the Lucas Theatre right next door, whose primary restoration benefactor was Kevin Spacey. If you’re lucky enough, there may even be a show playing while you’re in town. The interior is stunning and rivals some of the most opulent New York City theaters.